Jason Nightingale

Jason Nightingale

Director of Life Insurance


I am Jason Nightingale of Safe Money Solutions, LLC in Kamiah Idaho.  I have a beautiful wife of almost 31 years. We have 4 awesome daughters and some grandkids.  I have 25 years experience serving the public with many years focusing on problem solving. I have worked with national FMOs and independent Brokers.   

In 2012, I established an agency that specializes in many types of life insurance and fixed indexed annuities.  My primary focus was protection initially. I was recently featured in the Top 100 in Finance Magazine Spring 2020 edition as well as making an appearance on NAIFA’s website, and in 2 other publications. You can read one of them here: https://lnkd.in/d_sbBgY  


I also serve as Director of Life Insurance for a World Class Financial Distribution Platform.  Concierge For Advisors is a prominent resource to independent agents, advisors, and wholesalers who are serious about providing superior solutions to their clients. They partner with agents and advisors to develop, diversify, and scale their business.

Their primary goal is to add value by educating clients on how these products can be utilized in wealth building and income planning. Many of these products and services are exclusive to the platform. I work all over the US teaching clients, advisors, and business owner’s life-changing strategies that they can use immediately.


There is a lack of financial education in America. Our citizens deserve to know these simple strategies exist, and I plan to teach them. I am also writing a book that will soon be published for distribution nationally.  I have a passion for helping my clients keep more of what they earn.  I teach about saving on taxes and interest charges by making a couple of adjustments to cash flow methods.

It all changed in 2017, after an amazing discovery. I realized how to be debt free 75% faster by simply rearranging the way we handle our money.  I shifted the main focus of my practice for a more proactive approach.  I meet clients in person as well as by webcam all across the United States. I educate them for efficiency in areas of cash flow, interest charges, debt, and taxes. Using common products that are easily understood, we leverage simple strategies for exponential results!  It is not complex and it can be easily proven with simple math.


It is always right to do the right thing AND for the RIGHT reasons.  This means focusing on what is best for the client and THEIR goals. I strive to EDUCATE and NOT sell. I focus on matching client needs to the RIGHT product, service, or strategy. I ask pertinent questions, take good notes, and listen.  Next, I educate and answer questions.  If it looks like I can help, I gather info and we create a plan. We do this by comparing various scenarios to get the most efficient outcome.  We then leverage the right processes or strategies simultaneously for exceptional results!


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