At Concierge for Advisors, we are always looking to equip you with the tools you need to do more business and make your life easier.  We have created many exclusive programs for our advisors to grow their knowledge base and their profits.

Learn From Industry Thought Leaders and Legends of The Industry To Make You The Best Advisor In Your Community

Our Galvanize Mastermind is an interactive event.  Industry Legends like Tom Hegna, Van Mueller, and other Mega Producers will share their ideas on how you can increase your income while building a practice that you love.  

This event will immerse you into our culture, train you on our systems, and leave you with practical ideas to implement into your practice right away.  This event is great for those who want to grow their practice, or tune their operations to allow for greater stress-free time away from their office.

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  • Collaborate With Top Producers
  • Learn Key Stories, Questions, Words, and Phrases That Close Business
  • Fresh Ideas To Gain Trust
  • Lively Discussions and Case Studies
  • Discover Automated Marketing on Your Budget
  • Great Accommodations, Meals, Entertainment, and Golf in Sunny Phoenix, Arizona

Your Ultimate Resource To Protect Your Clients....
And Your Practice

There are typically 4 to 6 other opinions of competitors in your clients household at any given time.  Even if you are the advisor that manages most of your clients assets, knowing how to strategically protect your clients from falling victim to these less-than-ideal financial service providers can mean a huge difference in your revenue.  

We are serious about protecting your clients and your practice.  We custom-tailored this program for caring advisors to eliminate your competitors from your clients home, increase your customer satisfaction, grow your referrals, and elevate your revenue - all without having to add a single staff person to your team.  

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The key to a thriving practice is having new prospects to see every week.  Where are your new prospects coming from?  Seminars?  Mailers?  Radio?  When done properly, there is no better way to have qualified prospects to see than with Automated Marketing.  Find ideal prospects where they are spending their time; on Social Media.  Our team has extensive experience in digital marketing and telling your unique story to your ideal audience.

TransparenFEE Sales Software Every Financial Advisor Needs

It has never been more important to have accurate product information at your fingertips.  This data is not only useful for making sales, but for proper documentation of the rationale for your sales.

We continue to see more and more fines, suspensions, and arbitrations due to inaccurate information on transfer forms.  Recently, a major firm was fined $25M for a 72% error rate on their transaction forms.  Don’t let inaccurate information be the downfall of your career.


Life Insurance Analysis & Review Program

Many advisors do not like to handle Life Insurance due to the long sales and underwriting process.  However, Life Insurance is a key protection product that many of your clients already own.  What if you could earn $10,000 a month spending only 3 minutes per appointment?  It is as simple as upgrading their Life Insurance like you would their iPhone?  Enter CAR Life Insurance Analysis & Review Program.

With the new innovations in products, and decrease in cost of insurance under the new actuarial tables, over 60% of the time we can improve your client’s Life Insurance situation.  The average compensation is over $10,000 per case.  Best of all, we do all the hard work for you.  

Business Owner Liability Review Program

We know that small business owners control major amounts of the money in our communities.  But how can you show immediate value and earn their trust and their business?  Our Millenium Business Owner Liability Review Program is the solution.

Many small business owners are taking on fiduciary responsibility, and with it huge personal liability.  Yet, most business owners have no clue that this is the case.  This free program will show the business owner their biggest risks and liabilities while placing you in a role of trusted advisor.

Digital Marketing

When’s The Last Time Your Web Site Directly Lead To A Sale?

We’ve created the ultimate starter package for Financial Advisors, and combined the power of funnels with websites that generate more leads, build online trust, and close more sales.

Indexing Calculator will allow you to compare returns of actively managed accounts against indexed annuities with a cap or participation rate.

Fee Drag Calculator will allow you to see the effects of various investment fees on investments returns.

Indexing Calculator will allow you to compare returns of actively managed accounts against indexed annuities with a cap or participation rate.

Indexing Calculators


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