Dana Wenzel

Dana Wenzel

Director of Communications

Dana and Lana his wife of 37 years went into business when Dana was only 20 years old! Wenzel has always been entrepreneurial and business savvy. Dana and his wife Lana have remained self-employed in one way or the other for the past 36 years starting multiple businesses from the ground up, in the States of Texas, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Developing New Businesses and growing them from the ground up is one of his many passions. Wenzel has sold 3 of his contracting companies. Dana is proud of the fact that the businesses that he established and sold are still in operation to this day. 

Dana is currently President and CEO of Affiliated Management Partners LLC. Dana has built his career by creating and growing companies based on solid business strategies that cater to the unique needs of his clients. “Taking care of the client’s needs honorably is critical for any business” Wenzel said.  Wenzel has a long history of success. He has developed complex telecommunications operations and national call centers in multiple states that he shrewdly and strategically developed these operations into multimillion-dollar annual revenue generating enterprises.

Dana has over 20 year of expertise in developing outbound sales and marketing operations. Wenzel created an outbound telecommunication within the largest penitentiary in the State of Oregon to help inmates that were sincerely wanting rehabilitation. Wenzel developed a secure system that paid for itself while also creating a pathway to meaningful employment outside of the prison system for his team of inmates. Wenzel said this was one of the most rewarding experiences of his lengthy career. 

He has more than 36 years of experience in business ownership, business management, business to business sales, business acquisitions, advertising sales, marketing as well as human resources recruiting and team development, sales team training and proactive focused leadership. Dana Wenzel has recruited hired, trained, and managed well over 1500 salespeople and managers over the last 20 to 30 years. 

Dana Wenzel also served as Zone Manager for Washington, Idaho and Montana for an International Advertising Company based out of Houston Texas. He managed hundreds of distribution outlets in diverse markets in multi-state areas. Wenzel was also promoted to Zone Manager for the State of Hawaii while managing his call center operations and growing sales operations throughout the Pacific Northwest. While working in the Hawaiian Islands Wenzel developed strong appreciation for the aloha spirit and the wonderful Hawaiian people. 

Dana genuinely believes that people are the “number one” asset of any company. Leading and motivating people to excel is what makes a good business great. 

Dana Wenzel is proud to work with Concierge For Advisors and it’s World Class Financial Distribution Platform, as CFA is being run by top notch professional that are focused on helping to improve lives of clients and team members. Wenzel states: “I am proud to be part of this incredible and dynamic team.” 

Dana and his Wife enjoy living a simpler life at their home in Diamond Lake Washington. Diamond Lake is a beautiful place to live. They are thankful that they live on the dryer side of Washington State. 

Dana concludes by saying: “With all the many things I have been blessed to accomplish in life what I am most proud of is my relationship with God, my beautiful wife Lana, our 4 children and 7 grandchildren. Without their love and support I know in my heart I could not have accomplished anything.  


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