Are You Running Your Practice, Or Is Your Practice Running You?

Confident Financial Advisor

Concierge For Advisors helps Financial Advisors save significant time, gain consistent reliable leads, confidently write new business backed up by a team of experts, so you can spend more time with your family.

How It Works

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More Time To Spend With Your Family

Quickly access the best solutions for all categories of our products and efficiently write new business so you spend more time with your family.

A successful Advisor is able to increase revenue while decreasing time away from home.

Reliable, Consistent Leads

Position yourself to acquire quality clients using all methods of marketing including digital marketing, direct mail, radio, television and other unique avenues

Prospect for new clients using the best marketing tools available to have consistent reliable leads.

Optimized Cases For Clients

Write a case in an unfamiliar field supported by the best experts in that field and present the best possible solution for your client.

Bring a team of subject matter experts to your practice to be sure your solutions are best in class.

A Practice That Serves You

Reach out to Concierge For Advisors anytime you wish to learn more solutions that are proven to work for other advisors and grow your practice.

Our team will always be available to train you, work with you, or do it for you.

We Got Your Back

We Got Your Back

Consult your experienced and trusted team to assure you’ll get through the tough times. We will continue to bring you opportunities to not only grow, but protect your practice.

An Advisor does not need to have a large staff or high overhead to be successful with Concierge For Advisors.

Turn Your Clients And Staff Into...

...Raving Fans!

Financial Advisor Winning

Let Us Show You How Concierge For Advisors Can Help You Earn $100,000 In 100 Days With Your Existing Clientele.

Who Uses Concierge For Advisors?



…love us because we provide ideas to increase their revenue from their existing book of business and have the widest selection of products including annuities, life insurance, securities, and managed accounts. 



…love us because we have the training they need to incorporate fee based annuities and the insurance and investment products they need to FULLY provide a fiduciary experience to their clients.

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…love us because we have the expertise they need to incorporate the products that are often times shown on a financial plan but never actually implemented such as life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. 



…love us because we seamlessly integrate both investment and protection products within a clients portfolio using proprietary software to adhere to best interest standards. RIAs have the ability to charge fees or take commissions with the products they choose based upon their appropriate licensure.

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…love us because we teach them how to increase their revenue using insurance and annuity products with their clients. We instantly are able to add thousands of dollars of monthly income without having to work outside of their existing book of business.

See Our Real-Life...

Success Stories!

Van Mueller with Todd Cour
"The solutions I learned at Galvanize allowed me to literally create cases out of thin air within my book of business. Now, the cases I have made have me on my way to well over $100,000 in commissions within 90 days, and it's not going to slow down."
Todd Cour
Todd C.
Financial Advisor
Van Mueller with Mike Greiner
"After leaving Galvanize I closed my first case within 2 weeks. The case was for a $100,000 annual premium. I've never sold a case so large, and can't believe how easy it was. Without Galvanize, there would have been no way the client would have committed so much to the solutions."
Mike Greiner
Mike G.
Financial Advisor
Van Mueller with Mark Tatum
"I didn't realize the gold mine I was sitting on within my existing book of business. I've gone 2 for 2 on my appointments and the sales have accounted for over $90,000 of commission from my existing clients."
Mark Tatum
Mark T.
Financial Advisor
Financial Advisor Winning
What will your success story be?
Fiancial Advisor
Financial Advisor
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